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Welcome to the home of Brand photography,
Brand soul-searching and Brand nurturing

We help businesses find their brand soul by providing


Creative Consultancy


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Founder's Thoughts ...


In a world that often celebrates extroversion and constant social interaction, it can be challenging for introverts to outwardly share their unique qualities and talents. As an introverted creative, I tend to be reserved when it comes to sharing my skills and talents. When bidding for work, I typically refrain from adopting the pushy 'choose me' strategy as I believe in giving potential clients the freedom to make their own decisions without any undue pressure. This approach, at times, in a hugely competitive market, has inadvertently led to a lack of my own brand visibility and the value I can bring and the expertise I possess are completely lost. Sound familiar? 


Throughout my professional journey, I have come to understand that my introversion is not a flaw, but rather a strength. It allows me to dive deep into my thoughts and emotions, fuelling creativity and enabling me to produce work that is authentic and meaningful and this is precisely the method I intend to utilise in order to assist you. Are you ready to do some brand soul-searching with me? 

The Brand Soul Search

Your brand soul is everything you’d expect it to be. It’s your passion and purpose, your motivation and determination and every single core value your brand possesses. It’s your connection to your consumer, the impact you are making and the legacy that you’ll leave.

Creating and nurturing your brand soul is the key to it’s success. Putting together a logo and hoping for the best isn’t enough and believe me when I say, later on down the line when your business is starting to take off, you’ll really appreciate putting in all the hard work early. By this I mean creating a brand that encompasses everything you want your business to achieve; looking forward and creating a brand you’ll want to work incredibly hard for.


We can help you find, create and nurture your brand soul and equip you with everything you need to proudly join the professional market with confidence.  

Contact Lisa to set up a virtual chat -


Call: 077660 53898


What we offer ...

We can curate the entire show or simply work backstage assisting you with parts at a time. 



Every image you share says everything

a potential client or customer will want

to know. An eye catching image is the reason that client or customer has

stopped to dive deeper into what

you offer.


Mini Brand Shoot 159.00 

Full Brand Shoot 230.00


Creative Consultancy

Creating your branding from scratch, or

re-branding, is one of the most exciting parts of leadership. Let's have some fun with it! Let's build a brand that will relate and connect with your consumers and that encompasses your personal passion and purpose.

2 hour session 120.00

Half day session 240.00

Full day session 360.00



Join our workshops and leave feeling empowered by creativity. You'll be asked some key questions to help you uncover the essence of your brand and leave with a solid action plan to help you move forward with your brand development. 

Online workshops 39.00 pp

Face to Face workshops 59.00 pp

Lucy Sullivan, Reflexologist & Aromatherapist

"Fantastic photographer, very professional and super quick turnaround. Just what I was looking for, delighted. Thank you!
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