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We help businesses simplify their marketing strategies and realise their brand potential by providing

Marketing Management 

Branding Development

Graphic Design


Creative Consultancy


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The Brand Soul Search

Your brand soul is everything you’d expect it to be. It’s your passion and purpose, your motivation and determination and every single core value your brand possesses. It’s your connection to your consumer, the impact you are making and the legacy that you’ll leave.

Putting together a logo and hoping for the best isn’t enough and believe us when we say, later on down the line when your business is starting to thrive, you’ll really appreciate putting in all the hard work early. We can help you create a brand that encompasses everything you want your business to achieve; looking forward and creating a brand you’ll want to work incredibly hard for and equip you with everything you need to proudly join the professional market with confidence.  

The Marketing Bit 

Once you have established your brand, it's values and it's mission, you can then move forward with creating that all important marketing plan.

We believe a solid marketing plan should include: 

M - is for Marketing Strategy 

A Marketing Strategy should be a live document that you consistently refer to when making any marketing decisions.  

A - is for Attracting the Right Audience 

All brands need an engaged audience to ensure success. We focus on quality then the quantity.

R - is for Return on Investment 

Make sure you're seeing a return on your marketing investments.  

L - Listening to Feedback 

Especially the negative bits. Learn from this valuable information and improve. You're audience will thank you.

O - Opportunity Seeking 

Opportunities are everywhere, everyday. Seek and embrace every single one. 

C - Consistency 

Consistency is absolutely vital for brand awareness. 

K - Key Performance Indicators

Track. Track. Track. Tracked data will help you make the right decisions faster. 

We understand that there is a great deal of work to be done. We're here to help lighten the load ... or take it all on! 

Contact us ...


Call: 077660 53898


What we offer ...

We can curate the entire show or simply work backstage assisting you with parts at a time. 

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Every image you share says everything

a potential client or customer will want

to know. An eye catching image is the reason that client or customer has

stopped to dive deeper into what

you offer.


Mini Brand Shoot 159.00 

Full Brand Shoot 230.00

Day rate 400.00

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Marketing & Branding Consultancy

You've developed a product or service. You've worked incredibly hard. Now you need a solid marketing strategy to help you get your product or service under the noses of your target audience. Let the Marlock Marketing Mastermind help!

2 hour consultancy session 120.00

Half day consultancy session 240.00

Full day consultancy session 360.00

Marketing Management - From £25ph

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Workshops in
Marketing & Branding

Join our workshops and leave feeling empowered by creativity. You'll be asked some key questions to help you uncover the essence of your brand and ways to market it effectively and efficiently. You'll leave with a solid action plan to help you move forward with your brand and marketing development. 

Digital Marketing Workshop from 39.00pp

Brand Soul Search Workshop from 39.00pp

Lucy Sullivan, Reflexologist & Aromatherapist

"Fantastic photographer, very professional and super quick turnaround. Just what I was looking for, delighted. Thank you!
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